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Engineering Service

If you decide you need not only a part but also the expertise to fit it then look no further. Senior Graphics has it's own team of specialist, fully trained, formally qualified, engineers with decades of experience in maintaining, rebuilding and repairing Heidelberg letterpress cylinders. On-call 24/7 we ensure that your downtime is kept to a minimum. For the original electrical control systems and also the new PLC drive control system, we can offer the services of our own in house electronics technician.

Exchange and Hire Service

In an effort to keep customer's 'down time' to a minimum the facility of an exchange or hire service on many major items is available e.g. Main drive motors, electrical control cabinets, compressors etc. Again, we can offer the service of fitting any of the above mentioned hire items. Please telephone for further details.

Heidelberg Cyclinder Servicing
Heidelberg Letterpress Servicing

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We promise to beat the price of any other supplier for any part of equivalent quality and specification.

Accredited to internationally recognised and independently audited ISO 9000/2001.

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